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Diabetes Alert Day

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Today, March 26th, is the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Alert Day. Today is your “wake-up call” about your risk factors for diabetes! Find out if your at risk with this simple test, then find out ways to change your lifestyle and prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Take the test then learn how to lower your risk.

Click here to lower your risk today.

When Nurses Talk, Washington Listens

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Join the American Nurses’ Association in taking action to support, promote and protect nurses and nursing throughout the country. Each nurse has voice – learn how to use yours today.

Take Action!

Rising Costs of Diabetes

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In 2012, diabetes cost the United States over $245 billion according to a report from the American Diabetes Association, a figure that represents a 41% increase from 2007. The ADA also reported that medical costs for people diagnosed with diabetes are 2.3 times higher than those without.

Read more: ‘Annual Cost of Diabetes’ published March 6, 2013

Campaign for Nursing’s Future

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Johnson and Johnson continues its campaign to honor the profession of nursing. CNF continues it mission of honoring and promoting nursing in the state of Connecticut, one nurse at a time.