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Diabetes Alert Day

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Today, March 26th, is the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Alert Day. Today is your “wake-up call” about your risk factors for diabetes! Find out if your at risk with this simple test, then find out ways to change your lifestyle and prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Take the test then learn how to lower your risk.

Click here to lower your risk today.

When Nurses Talk, Washington Listens

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Join the American Nurses’ Association in taking action to support, promote and protect nurses and nursing throughout the country. Each nurse has voice – learn how to use yours today.

Take Action!

Ensuring the Future of Nursing

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Each year, CNF is proud to join with the nursing community at the Connecticut Nurses’ Association’s Legislative Day in Hartford. The day is focused on nursing students and starting advocacy at the bedside, empowering nurses to advocate for themselves and their professions. CNF, in its mission to support and promote nurses and nursing, strives to help nurses find their voices and ensure the future of nursing and healthcare in the state of Connecticut.

More information about nursing advocacy can be found at

Rising Costs of Diabetes

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In 2012, diabetes cost the United States over $245 billion according to a report from the American Diabetes Association, a figure that represents a 41% increase from 2007. The ADA also reported that medical costs for people diagnosed with diabetes are 2.3 times higher than those without.

Read more: ‘Annual Cost of Diabetes’ published March 6, 2013

Campaign for Nursing’s Future

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Johnson and Johnson continues its campaign to honor the profession of nursing. CNF continues it mission of honoring and promoting nursing in the state of Connecticut, one nurse at a time.