Cassena Care Scholarship

“Renew, Restore, Rehabilitate”

The Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation and Cassena Care Network is pleased to announce the inception of an annual nursing scholarship.

Cassena Care is an established leader in the health care environiment in New York state and has recently expanded their horizons by opening a 150 bed State of the Art Progressive Short Term Rehabilitation, Dementia Care and Long Term care facility in Norwalk, CT.

Cassena Care prides itself on believing that their nurses and case staff are their most valuable asset and believe strongly in promoting continuing education. Cassena Care has partnered with CNF to offer an annual scholarship to a nurse who is pursuing a degree that will clinically and positively impact Long Term Care in Connecticut. As a health care provider with a major emphasis on Elder Care, Cassena’s mission statement is “Renew, Restore, Rehabilitate”. Learn more about Casena Care Networks today.

Criteria for Cassena Care Scholarship:

  1. Citizen of the state of Connecticut
  2. Attending a Connecticut School of Nursing or higher education
  3. Applicants should demonstrate and understanding of and epitomize the mission of Cassena Care in their present and/or future nursing career.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Reference Form

Process for Scholarship Application:

All applications must include:

  • Application form
  • Submission of an official academic transcript from current academic institution
  • Reference form completed by professor, teacher, supervisor or other academic or professional contact

All applications and letters of recommendation must typed and be via email by June 15th to the Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation at

Official transcripts should be mailed directly to CNF Scholarships 1224 Mill St, Bldg B, Suite 223, East Berlin, CT 06023.


CNF accepts donations and contributions to the scholarship fund. All Contributions that are made to the Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation are tax deductible and may be sent to the CNF offices at 1224 Mill St, Bldg B, Suite 223, East Berlin, CT 06023. 


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  1. Becky Gibson says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am very interested in applying for your scholarship and am wondering if it is only available to traditional 2 year or 4 year nursing programs. I have been accepted to the Certificate Entry Into Nursing program at UCONN which is a 12 month accelerated program beginning in January of 2016. Due to this non-traditional academic schedule, I would not have an official transcript from UCONN as of the scholarship deadline of June 15th. Other than the transcript, I meet all other criteria. Please let me know if I would still be eligible to apply.

    Thank you!

    Becky Gibson

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