Frank Chant Scholarship



In Memory of Frank Chant


Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union is proud to offer the Frank Chant Scholarship to an eligible nursing student as part of its continuing support of nursing education in Connecticut.

Frank Chant was one of the six founding members of the Hartford Hospital Employees Credit Union in 1955. He served as a volunteer on the Board of Directors for the credit union for more than 40 years, and as chairman of the Credit Committee for nearly the same amount of time. Chant spent several of his summer vacations traveling to Madison, Wisconsin, with his family, to attend management school at the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Hartford Hospital Employees Credit Union eventually became Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union.

Chant, and the other founding members, began the credit union in a desk drawer, with co-workers handing him money and loan applications as he went about his nursing duties at Hartford Hospital.

Chant was so enthralled with the work and success of the credit union, that he attended a Credit Committee meeting the same day that his wife passed away. His whole family supported his efforts with the credit union and the credit union was truly a part of his extended family.

The Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union Fran Chant Scholarship embodies what one man can do to help others. Let it not be said that the power of one – especially a nurse who had such vision for other peoples financial opportunities – are not an integral part of the roots of a credit that now serves more than 12,000 members.


Criteria for Frank Chant Scholarship

1.  Students in Dire need of financial support
2.  Lives, works or goes to school in Hartford
3.  Above average student
4.  Studying to be an RN, BSN or MSN
5.  Must be in a School of Nursing located in Connecticut

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Reference Form

Process for Scholarship Application:

All applications must include:

  • Application form
  • Submission of an official academic transcript from current academic institution
  • Reference form completed by professor, teacher, supervisor or other academic or professional contact

All applications and letters of recommendation must type written and submitted via email by June 15th to the Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation at

Official transcripts should be mailed directly to CNF Scholarships 1224 Mill St, Bldg B, Suite 223, East Berlin, CT 06023.

CNF accepts donations and contributions to the scholarship fund. All Contributions that are made to the Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation are tax deductible and may be sent to the CNF offices at 1224 Mill St, Bldg B, Suite 223, East Berlin, CT 06023. 

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