CT Nurses’ Honor Guard

The CT Nurses Honor Guard exists to comfort loved ones and honor fallen nurses for
their compassion to serve others.

Active and retired nurses volunteer their time to honor the professional community of nurses.

October 6, 2021

CT Nurses’ Honor Guard first Nightingale Tribute conducted

Volunteer from CT Nurses’ Honor Guard was both honored and moved to be able to conduct their first ceremony on October 6, 2021. This is a group of active and retired nurses who volunteer their time to honor fallen nurses by attending their funeral or memorial service and presenting a beautiful tribute.

All services are performed free of charge and may be arranged at the request of
family and/or friends.
Serving the state of Connecticut

Nightingale Tribute Ceremony

Below is a sample of what you may see at the Nightingale Tribute ceremony

It begins with the lighting of a candle on a Florence Nightingale lamp. A reading is done of a poem known as the Nightingale Tribute.  Once the reading is complete, the candle is extinguished, symbolizing relieving the nurse of her duties.  The lamp, a copy of the tribute, and a white rose are then given to a pre-identified family member.  The entire tribute is only a few minutes long, is free of charge to the family and can be performed at the graveside, at the funeral home, or a location of the family’s choice. 

The goal is to serve all of Connecticut, but availability is limited while we grow our group of volunteers. 

Nightingale Tribute

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