Scholarship Winners Announced

Posted by CNF President on October 15, 2010  |   No Comments »

CNF announces the 2010 Scholarship Winners as follows:
Brother Frances X. Smith Award: Aimee A. Ballard
Dr. Sheila Packard Memorial Award: Heather Stanish
Francis Chant Jr. Memorial: Christine Wadelin and Brittany M. Mckeon
Jennifer Hawke-Petit Memorial: Erika L. Schubert
Polly Barey Tribute Award: Laura W. Giovannoli
Dr. Judith Hriceniak Memorial: Ericka Gardener
Dominion Enterprises Award: Linda Mascolo
The awards will be officially presented at the CNA convention on Oct. 21, 2010 from 12:45 to 2 PM. Congratulations to all the deserving recipients.

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