Mission, Vision and Goals


The Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation (CNF) was organized in 1983 as the charitable and philanthropic arm of the Connecticut Nurses Association.  CNF’s mission is to ensure the future of nursing and the quality of health care delivery by connecting the past, improving the present and anticipating the future of nursing in the state of Connecticut.


CNF will become the recognized philanthropic nursing organization in Connecticut.


The goals of the Connecticut Nurses Foundation are to support nursing education and research through fundraising, scholarships and grants, maintain an archive of items of historical importance to nursing, provide education and awareness about health and health care to the people of the state of Connecticut and to provide developmental and strategic resources essential for the Connecticut Nurses Association to achieve its objectives.

CNF achieves it’s goals by continuing to:

  1. Establish scholarship funds and sponsors for nurses and nursing students in Connecticut with a focus on cultural and ethnic diversity; preparation of nursing faculty; educational development within the profession leading to an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), Bachelor Degree in Nursing (BSN), Masters Degree in Nursing (MSN) and Doctorate Degrees.
  2. Engage the public in awareness and understanding of professional nurses and promotion of the health of the citizens of Connecticut.
  3. Increase philanthropy to a level sufficient to support our mission. Increase and sustain the commitment of individual and organizational donors.
  4. Collaborate with CNA regarding funding for the development of their programs.
  5. Position CNF as a conduit for nursing researchers to apply and receive grant funds.
  6. Preserve and enhance the historical archives of nursing in Connecticut.
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