Scholarships and Award

The Connecticut Nurses Foundation strives to assist nursing students, registered nurses, nurse leaders and researchers  in achieving higher levels of education, professional success, and pursue contributions to the profession of nursing and health care.

In 2016 CNF awarded over $16,000 through 24 scholarships to Connecticut students from 14 different universities and schools of nursing!

CNF prides itself on assisting non-traditional students and scholarship candidates with limited resources who could not complete their education without aid – whether it be for tuition, textbooks, childcare or other expenses. Preference is given to scholarship candidates who are Connecticut residents, who will attend Connecticut schools of nursing, or who have a commitment to practicing nursing in the state of Connecticut.


Applications are Due by June 15th unless otherwise stated.

General Scholarship Application: Scholarship Application

Scholarship Opportunities Eligibility
Dr. Sheila Packard Memorial Scholarship Criteria
Cassena Care Scholarship Criteria
Dr. Judith Hriceniak Memorial Fund Criteria
Jennifer Hawke-Petit Pediatric Scholarship Criteria
Nursing Research Grant Criteria
Foundation Nursing Scholarship Criteria
CNF Award Opportunity Eligibility
Linda Angotto Memorial Award Criteria