The Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation

The Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation (CNF) is the primary philanthropic nursing organization and 501(c)3 charity in the state of Connecticut, organized in 1983 for the purpose of supporting and advancing the profession of nursing and promoting the health of the citizens of the state of Connecticut.

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The 2024 Connecticut Nurses' Foundation Nurses' Month Fundraising Campaign


Mail-in: 1224 Mill St. Bldg B, East Berlin, CT 06023

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About Us

The History of CT Nurses Foundation

The Connecticut Nurses Foundation works to ensure the future of nursing and quality of health care delivery by connecting the past, improving the present and anticipating the future of nursing in the state of Connecticut.

The Three Pillars of CNF

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Preserve and enhance the historical archives of nursing in Connecticut.

Support and Advance Nursing

Helping future nurses through scholarships and grants.

Public Health Awarness

To engage the public in awareness and understanding of professional nurses and promotion of the health of the citizens of Connecticut.

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What People are Saying...

Thank you for awarding me the Sheila Packard Memorial Award! Dr. Packard sounds just like who I want to be as a nurse. She was truly incredible. I am honored to receive this scholarship[. It will greatly help me with my educational expenses this year and it sets me one step closer to becoming a nurse. Thank you so much!
Taylor Roy
Thank you so much for choosing me as the recipient of the 2023 general nursing scholarship. The scholarship will be used to pay for my laboratory, textbook and clinical fees for this semester. This alleviated significant stress, which has given me the ability to focus more on the exciting aspects of senior year, clinical and educational experiences. I aspire to be a member of the CNF board in the future. Thank you again!
Ailie Daley
I have just received word that I have been awarded the General Nursing Scholarship and I wanted to send my biggest thank you for the honor of choosing me for this amazing scholarship that will help to pay for the rest of my nursing education! My dream is to work on a step-down unit and I am getting closer and closer to that goal everyday! Thank you again for this opportunity and I hope you know how big of an impact you make on me and other students by offering these scholarships!
Matheu DiBrino
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1224 Mill St Bldg B, East Berlin, CT 06023

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