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Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation Annual Campaign

Click here to download the latest DMV application.

UPDATE 2/17/09:  98 applications were delivered to the DMV on January 9, 2009.  These people should have their new plates mailed to them within 6-8 weeks.  Also, everyone who wanted to be contacted when the DMV was ready to begin production of the new plate has either been emailed or mailed a notification along with a copy of the new DMV application.  These people should send their application and check directly to the DMV.

Members of the Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation and the Department of Motor Vehicles met on Thursday, June 19, 2008 to discuss next steps for moving this project forward now that the bill has been passed changing the nursing plate from special interest to legislative.

What are the benefits of being a legislative plate?

Our plate will be in production by January 2009.

We no longer are committed to having 200 people signed up and plates paid for.

The contribution to the CNF nursing scholarship fund will now be $45 instead of $20.  This is a one time only donation.  When you renew your plate going forward it will be at the regular price.

I am pleased to report that the cost for each plate has decreased and the amount per plate going into the scholarship fund has increased.  The new cost structure is as follows:

–        Off the shelf plate – $60 with $15 going to the DMV and $45 going to the scholarship fund

–        Replace existing plate – $80 with $35 going to the DMV and $45 going to the scholarship fund

–        New vanity plate – $145 with $100 going to the DMV and $45 going to the scholarship fund

The look of the plate will change slightly.  The nursing logo will now be displayed on the left-hand side of the plate.

If you have already sent in your application and money

You will be receiving a letter from CNF describing any changes that result from the change to a legislative plate.

The Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation will forward your money and application to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

How are we handling new requests?

From this point forward, please do not send in your application and payment to CNF.  We are collecting your contact information only and once the DMV is ready to go we will let you know.  You can then go directly to DMV to purchase the plate.  You can email your contact information to or phone CNA at 203-238-1207 x10.  We would appreciate your name, address, phone number and email address.

General Information

We will keep you informed as details are finalized. The passage of this bill is a HUGE endorsement of our effort to create a long-term fundraising method that supports education for students who want to enter nursing and for nurses who want to advance their education.

Please pass this message to all of your friends, family, and peers.  Remember, this legislative plate can be purchased by anyone who wants to “celebrate nursing”.  It is not only for nurses.  Can you imagine the impact this will have if our clients show their appreciation of what we do by purchasing a license plate that “celebrates” nursing?

We are confident that the plates will sell themselves once they are out there on cars.  Your support now will foster this effort and truly make a difference in funds available for future nursing scholarships.

We thank you, for your continued confidence in this project.

Rita Bonczek

Tim Squires

Lorraine Magnoli

Honor a Colleague

Since the first two $100 scholarships were awarded in 1988, the CNF has awarded over $31,000 to Connecticut nurses and student nurses. We’d like to do more!  We’d like to suggest a meaningful way to honor a colleague(s)…

  • Do you work with or know a nurse whose expertise you admire?
  • Do you know a nurse who mentored you and continues to mentor you and other nurses?
  • Is there a nurse in your community who, although retired, gives many hours to community service agencies?
  • Is there a nurse you would simply like to honor because he / she is a dear friend and valued colleague?
  • Is there a faculty member (or group) or a student (or a class of students) you would like to honor?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, take a few minutes and complete the brief form below.  Send the form with a monetary gift to the Connecticut Nurses Foundation at 377 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT  06450-7160.  We will help you honor that colleague in an upcoming issue of the Connecticut Nursing News by sharing the name of each honoree and the information provided unless requested otherwise.

I would like to honor   _________________________________  because _______________________________________________________________________

I am enclosing a gift of $_______________ in honor of this colleague(s) to the Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation.

Signed: _____________________________________________

PLEASE do NOT share the information _________.
Note: you (or the honoree(s)) do not need to be CNA members to take advantage of this opportunity to honor a colleague and contribute to the scholarship and research arm of the CNA.

Don’t forget, contributions to CNF are tax-exempt to the extent of the law.

Nightingale Tribute (PDF format)

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